Making the most out of your Scallywags Leash

Our leashes are expertly designed to offer very useful additional features you may not have know about.

Adjustable Length:

The Scallywags leash's length can easily be adjusted temporarily from as short as 30cm to its full 1.8m length and everywhere in between in one simple technique.

Built-in Collar:

The Scallywags leash can be clipped back onto itself to create a collar. Simply add a figure of eight knot adjusted to your dogs neck size and clip straight onto rope above this point.

Messenger Sling:

When letting your dog off collar to run free, clip the leash onto the accessory ring and sling around your shoulder for easy carrying. You can even attach keys, poop-bags and water bottles to this ring.

Traffic Handle:

Moving around in high traffic areas? You can easily create a traffic handle by clipping the accessory ring together with the collars attachment point to the clip creating a quick shortened leash.